7 Tips For Boosting Your Social Media Performance


Social media marketing is continuously growing in popularity.  But as it continues to grow, it becomes more and more saturated.  In order for brands to be able to compete, you must stay in the know about social media trends and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Below are seven tips on how to give a boost to your social media performance.

Your main focus should be providing value

When it comes to social media, people will follow and listen to those that are offering something of value to them.  This can be in the form of providing expert recommendations on industry resources or intelligent commentary on the latest trends in your niche.  Your goal is to become the source to turn to for your industry.  Make certain that every post you make to your social media accounts  is something of use and of value.  Then you want to monitor the type of feedback and engagement you receive that way you know to keep doing what is working best. In addition, it is essential that you are posting consistently as well.  Posting a few times one week and going silent the next will cause people to unfollow you.  One of the best things you can do to help you achieve consistency is to schedule out your posts to Instagram and other sites like Facebook and Twitter.  By doing this, you don’t have to be constantly thinking about what to post next or even forgetting to post.

Start going visual

Social media is highly visual so using images along with your content is a smart idea.  Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are solely visual so it goes to show you how engaging images can be. Start adding visuals and you will definitely see a boost in your social media traffic.

Don’t forget to be social

Back in the day, keeping a strictly professional persona was how you managed a branded account.  Fast forward to today and things have completely changed.  Nowadays, people also want some sort of entertainment value.  You have to start putting the focus on engaging directly with your audience. Post things that are funny, respond to comments, be silly.  Whatever you need to do to connect with your followers on a personal level is key to building up your social media presence.

Know which platforms your target audience prefers

Every social media platform from Facebook to Instagram has certain demographics.  Facebook tends to cater to a somewhat older audience, Twitter is popular among all ages, Instagram is on the younger side, Pinterest is primarily females in their 20’s and 30’s and the famous Snapchat is huge among teenagers.  It is essential that you know the demographics of your target audience in order to determine the right platform and the right tone in which to address your followers.

Don’t forget about hashtags

Bottom line when it comes to hashtags is that they work if used properly.  A campaign centered around a great hashtag can bring any brand great rewards. Ritetag  is great for providing hashtag ideas for your social media updates, especially for Instagram and Twitter. It is also helpful in providing ideas for content and what topics to focus on. 

Keep up with your blog

Your blog is a very important piece of your social media marketing. It not only gives you free reign to come up with your own content but it is also a branded platform you can use to further catapult yourself. The key with your blog is to make sure you are integrating it with all your social media accounts.  This will help boost your traffic and posting content your audience finds value in will keep bringing them back to your blog. 

Focus on mobile

The internet has made the world a much smaller place. It has allowed us the ability to communicate with people from all over the world no matter how far.  With that being said, it is no longer necessary to focus on a global scale.  What is important is to make certain that you are focusing on the mobile side of things.  People need to be able to easily reach and communicate with your brand regardless of the type of device they are using.  As we move into 2018, this could not be more relevant. 



6 Ways To Boost Your Business’s Instagram Strategy


On average, 80 million plus photos make their way onto Instagram every day.  For this reason, it is key that your strategy is on point.  With the number of users increasing everyday and its high level of brand engagement (much higher than Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter combined) Instagram has really become one of the key platforms to be on for marketers across all industries.

Below are five tips on how to boost your business’s Instagram strategy.

1. Come up with a style for your feed

Instagram is completely visual so you want to begin by evaluating your imagery.  You should be creating consistency across everything from color to composition.  Whatever market your brand targets, the visual style of your feed is crucial in showing your brand’s story.

In order to ensure consistency you need to monitor the following:

  1. It is important to have a specific color palette in order to achieve consistency. Whether it is bold colors or more warm ones, come up with your own signature style.
  2. Prior to uploading a new image, think about the tie in it will have with the other ones you have posted already. You want to be able to preview your images before posting them so be sure to check out the many apps that can do this for you.  They will also allow you to put multiple pics in a grid so you can tell a story.
  3. Doing a series of photos is good for helping you establish some consistency on your feed by giving you a chance to tell a story through your images.

2. You need great photography

If you scroll through the feeds of some of the most popular Instagram accounts they all have one thing in common, great photography.   With so many photos being uploaded everyday, there is no room for lackluster photography.  Invest in a decent camera that will give you great quality photos.  Also give thought to doing a batch photo shoot where you take a bunch of images.  You may even take enough to fill your feed for a month.  By doing this, you can schedule your Instagram posts for the entire month in one shot.  It is also a great idea to sprinkle in some real-time photos too.

3. Come up with the right mix of content

In order to keep your followers interested and engaged be sure to mix up your content a bit.  This can be easily achieved by dividing up your content calendar into different groups with the end goal being a cohesive picture of your brand. Just make sure your schedule is consistent whether it’s posting once everyday or just during the week.

4. Use Hashtags correctly

When it comes to hashtags, it can be easy to overdo it and come off as spammy.  With that being said, it doesn’t mean you should be using fewer of them.  Hashtags help you find content that fits your interests and it is also the way other people find your content.  Instagram caps the number of hashtags you can use in a post at 30, but in many cases using ten does the job. At the end of the day, the right number for your business really comes down to your brand and who your target audience is.

When deciding which hashtags to use, you do need to be strategic. Popular hashtags can be a good idea but you also do not want to use ones that are too generic like a #tbt, which pulls up millions of images.  Yours would just get lost in the group. What you want to focus on are hashtags that are specific to your image. You will need to experiment with both unique and trending hashtags to find the right mix. Done right, hashtags will help you boost your number of followers, engagement and your overall relationship with your community.

5. Get involved with Branded Hashtags

The majority of the top companies are to thank for many of the most popular hashtags circling social media right now.  That number will continue to go up as more and more brands find their niche on the platform.  Branded hashtags are great for building a community for your fans and for both encouraging and centralizing user-generated content.

6. Go with a professional

Taking photos with the right amount of everything to make them pop is not easy.  If it is within your budget, it is well worth it to hire a social media manager who can provide you with great photography.  If you happen to have a marketing person already, consider outsourcing the photography alone.








An Introduction to the California Department of Motor Vehicles

dmvThe California Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV is responsible for the licensing of drivers in the state and also the registration of private and commercial vehicles. Here is some information to guide you. The DMV constantly strives to improve their processes and customer service. Some basic information is provided below and you can review more on their website at https://www.dmv.ca.gov. You can also download forms and handbooks from their website.

Driver’s Licensing

Provisional Permit A person of at least 15 ½ years of age but under 18 may apply for a provisional permit to learn to drive a vehicle. You will need to complete DL 44 to apply and go to the website and make an appointment at a Driver’s License Processing Center. Check your local offices to find one closest to you. You will have to pay a fee for this and you can find this information on their website. Be sure to download the Driver’s Handbook from the website. This is available in many languages.

You must provide proof of Driver’s training and pass a vehicle and written test before you will be granted a Class C license. Typically you will be required to renew your license on your birthday approximately every four years. You may or may not be required to retake a written test. Please refer to the FAQs for specific information.

If you have recently moved to California from another state or country you must apply for a California Driver’s license. Follow the normal licensing instructions.  If you’re a resident of Oakdale, California – you can access DMV services at AmericaSmog.com

ID Card Using the DL 44 Form you can also apply for a California ID Card. Please see the checklist for the documentation that will be needed and any fees that are required. Senior Citizens should also check to see if they are required to pay a fee for ID Cards if they are no longer driving.

Suspended Licenses

If your driver’s license is suspended or revoked for any reason you will have to pay a fee to have it restored and possibly go to court to have your driving privileges returned. In the case of receiving a DUI, the fees and or fines can be very expensive not to mention that your personal insurance will be affected. Please check the section on the website by typing “Suspended License” in the Search Box to see what applies to your situation. If you drive on a suspended license you can be subject to arrest and permanently losing you driving privileges. Please obey the law and protect yourself and others. Please do not drink and drive or text and drive.

If your license is suspended for health reasons a medical doctor is required by law to notify the DMV if someone is incapable of driving for a physical or mental condition. In this case the licensee will receive a letter from the DMV stating that their privileges have been suspended until such time that a medical evaluation shows that they are now recovered and capable of driving safely is received and approved. You may contact the Driver’s Safety Office and they will explain the process of having your license restored.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles driven in the state of California must be registered and yearly fees paid to operate them. Please refer to the Vehicle Registration section on the website for detailed information regarding your vehicle. Automobiles operated in the state must comply with emission standards required by state law. If you have moved here from another state in which your vehicle is registered please visit the Vehicle Registration tab on the website for more detailed information. All motor vehicle operators are required to have valid insurance for their vehicles and this information is provided by the insurance company you have signed up with. Please refer to the website for information about the requirements.


Standard Motorcycles operated on California Highways and streets are required to be registered. Off Street vehicles such as Trail Bikes do not need to be registered but must have a decal provided from the DMV. Again, please refer to the specific DMV guidelines to determine which requirements you must meet.

Commercial Vehicles

The DMV has special requirement for Commercial Vehicles. You must also have a DMV Commercial Driver’s License to operate one. Please look in the Driver’s Licensing section for the guidelines and requirements and fees associated with completing the licensing process.

The job of the California DMV is to protect and properly license all drivers and vehicles on our roadways. This is has been a basic introduction to the California DMV. Please visit their website listed below for more detailed information.

Is The Toyota 2RZ The Best Engine Ever Made?

Toyota has made many epic engines over the years, but the 2-RZ is probably their best. You can purchase a Toyota vehicle knowing that it will last for a long time, but you will never get a better engine than you get in the 2-RZ. This is an engine that has been in a few very good cars, and it has served in one of the most epic vehicles of all time. You can get the engine rebuilt if it finally stops working, and the parts are still available because the engine was so incredibly popular.

The Great Cars

The Toyota Tacoma is a great pickup truck that is one of the most popular in America, and it is a truck that ran the 2-RZ for many years. The 2-RZ helped many an American drive to and from work easily in their truck, and the engine provides quite a lot of power with its SOHC design. You can hear the full roar of the engine when it is started, and it is powerful enough for you to drive to a work site of off-road. It is that good when youtoyota are doing intense driving, and it is in one of the more popular vehicles in America today. You will still see many Tacomas on the road running this engine.

The Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is an amazing pickup truck that is easy to call the most reliable in the world. It has been the subject of TV programs that have dropped it off a building and it still started. The truck has been driven to the North Pole, and it has been driven up the side of an active volcano. The engine has always worked, and the Toyota 2-RZ was the engine in those models. You can trust the Hilux when you get it with the 2-RZ, and it will keep going for a long time.

The Power

This engine gives you more than enough power because it is designed to run pickup trucks. This is a design that Toyota has been using for a long time, and it provides power that even helps you haul several thousand pounds at once. The engine will take a lot of punishment when you are using it, and you should be on the lookout to make sure that you can get it fixed when you are in need of help. Anything that you think is wrong with the truck should be repaired at once, and you can always get the parts that you need.

The Parts

You can get new parts for these engines, and that makes it easy for a mechanic to get the job done quickly. The mechanic will fit genuine OEM parts on your engine when it is being rebuilt or repaired when it breaks down. You will be able to keep replacing parts on the engine to keep it going, and you could easily make it go for a million miles before you need to get a new truck. There is always a solution for your Toyota 2-RZ engine that needs repair.

Types of Kitchen Countertops

kitchenThere was a time when counter space in kitchens wasn’t something a person gave much thought to. We had a little bit of counter space above the cabinetry along with a sink. Over the years this changed though as individuals started to see the importance of counter space in cooking and baking. Now there are not only specialized design counter tops but center islands to add even more counter space. So finding the right type of counter top can be important to the over all function as well as appearance of a kitchen. Counter tops come in many different types of materials, some more durable then others, here are some of the counter top materials to choose from


This one could be considered the most price effective and has been used the longest. This one has a laminate surface over a paper and resin material. It can also be light weight and easy to clean. However, despite being economical this could be a case of getting what you paid for. Laminate counter top aren’t too durable, over time it could scratch and stain along with sustaining water damage due to leaks in pipes.


Once a hard material to come by in counter tops, it has now become one of the most desired materials used, and with good reason. Granite is durable, it can with stand staining or even water damage. However, keep in mind that this one can be more costly, and it does require treating after a period of time to keep it up to its quality, another thing that is considered a drawback with Granite is how heavy it is. This would mean that a stronger more durable counter frame along with cabinets would be required to go along with counter top, which would of course be an added expense. This one is just one of several natural materials such as Sandstone, Marble and Concrete that are now being used to create counter top. Keep in mind though that these materials will all be costly and heavy as well.  You can find quite a bit of options from http://www.allaboutkitchensmodesto.com


Yes, there are counter tops being made out of wood these days, that take on a natural look in a kitchen environment. Also, any scratches or scorch marks that develop on the wood over time only add to the character. However, one of the disadvantages of such as counter top could be water damage due to pipe leaks that could lead to swelling and even wood damage over time. It can also harbor bacteria more so then other types of counter top surfaces.

Stainless Steel

Perhaps one not seen too often in a household this one can be quite durable none the less, which might explain why it’s used so often in commercial establishments. The draw backs to using it though is the fact that it shows every finger print and smear. It can also be a bit on the pricey side.

These are just some of the most commonly used counter top materials on the market. Yes, some may seem more durable then others and all seem to have their draw backs. It just goes to show that nothing is perfect even counter tops.

Getting The Most Out of Your Psychic Readings

tarot cardsWhenever an opportunity to learn about what the future holds for you arises, it is time to take up that chance and to learn it. Your life may not be moving in the direction you want it to, for instance, maybe none of your relationships is working, and you are wondering if there is a chance for you to correct any of that. You could be sitting there wondering why somebody else seems to be doing fine in his or her relationships while yours are lagging behind. Maybe it has come to a point where everything seems to have stopped and you have totally given up about meeting that special someone.

The most important thing when choosing a psychic reader is that you must be comfortable with their presence – whether physically present or over the phone. This is because you must feel physically drawn to your psychic so that you can know you have made the perfect choice.

What a good reading entails

True psychic readings will present to you a clear impression of real events taking place in your life, but you must also be ready for things you do not want to hear. Just understand that this is a critical part of your healing and enlightenment, giving you insight to help make decisions for a happier, more fulfilled future, regardless of how hard it may seem.

Getting the most from your psychic readings

It is important to listen and try not to force a reading. In addition, be honest because you may be fooling yourself by deferring from the truth. Trying to influence your reading may result in counterproductive outcomes, diluting your main reason for seeking advice in the first place. You should also understand that it takes some time to come to terms or accept the outcome of your psychic readings, but it is normal to feel pain and discomfort before you start realizing the true benefits of an enlightenment that will change your life.

Do not be afraid to seek a second opinion

On the other hand, some people may require the advice of many psychics – presented in various forms – before they benefit from their sessions. There is nothing wrong with such an approach, as it may be considered a psychic version of seeking a second medical opinion. Receiving the same information from different psychic readings or readers will make your action glaringly clear. However, getting contradicting opinions may require you to depend on your intuition.  If you think you are a psychic empath, here’s an article that will help you discover if you have intuitive ability.

Tips To Consider Before Choosing A Home Security System

home protectionA home security system is an investment that requires lots of time and detail. When you invest in a home security system, you are investing in your own protection. You can’t just settle for the first deal that comes across your plate. You need to look into a few key factors.


There are two questions you need to ask yourself right off the bat. You need to ask yourself why you need the security. You also need to ask yourself what you need to achieve this security.

Has your neighborhood been broken into recently? IS there a common concern happening within your community? Are your neighbors getting protection too? If so, what sort of protection are your neighbors getting?

You might not want to get the same thing they are getting; but, you might want to invest in something similar. Talk to your neighbors first to see what they are investing in, if anything.

Depending on what they are going for, you can make the necessary adjustments on your end.


This is going to be the next question you need to ask yourself. How much can you actually afford? Some of your neighbors might have the income to invest in some sort of high-detailed unit. If you can afford the same, then do so. If you can’t, invest based on what you can afford.  Here’s a nice review of Frontpoint Security system from HomeAlarmAdvisors.com

If all you are looking for is some simple home security cameras and alarms, you really don’t have to put out that much. When it comes to home security, sometimes simplicity works much better.


How much support will you really need? Will you need someone to be monitoring you twenty-four hours, seven days a week? Will you only need to have someone watch you a few hours a day?

Some systems have monitoring all day and night. This is actually a good thing. They can come at the first sign of trouble. Sometimes the twenty-four hour monitoring will notice things before you do.

This type of system might cost a bit more. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. Spend based on needs, not wants. Wants will bring you access, extras you won’t really use. Needs will give you the basic and then some.

Investing in a home security system is a valuable thing. Judge your choices based on your needs and what you want to ultimately achieve. The extras are more or less there for window dressings. The extras are not necessarily going to bring you the best value.

Please get in touch with your local security company today for more information.

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

reporting identity theftIdentity theft is a very serious crime that could have devastating consequences to a victim. It is when a criminal steals the identity of a person and uses his or her identity to make fraudulent purchases, obtain services and open credit card accounts in their name. Criminals target bank account, credit card, social security and medical insurance numbers to commit fraud. They will also use names and addresses so that they can open bank accounts and credit cards using other people’s names and addresses.

Identity thieves may also use an ID that they have stolen if they got arrested. They can provide false identification to law enforcement officials, which would then create a criminal record for the victim.

Identity theft can result in the loss of money through unauthorized purchases and transfer of money to the criminal. It can also ruin a person’s credit history through the opening and use of unauthorized credit cards accounts. A criminal record may also appear through identity theft as criminals try to cover their tracks using stolen IDs.

How Can I Protect Myself From Identity Theft?

The best way to protect yourself from identity theft is to sign up for an identity theft protection service (here’s some good reviews – http://www.idtheftauthority.com/reviews/) and to take precautions when someone asks you for personal information. Shred or destroy paper that may contain personnel information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers and your name and address instead of just disposing it. Many identity thieves resort to “dumpster diving” where they will rummage through trash cans in order to try and find personnel information that they can use to carry out fraud. Be aware of your surroundings in public places and stores. Crooks will a technique called shoulder surfing to try and spot personnel information you may be writing down at a government agency or store when filling out applications. Shield your application with your body or cover it with your hand so that nobody can snoop and see it.

Don’t fall victim to email and phone scams. Companies will never ask for personnel information through email such as your login credentials or social security number. If you get an email from someone claiming that they are from your bank and they need your username, password or social security number it is a scam and you should report it. Phone calls that ask for personal information should also be treated the same way and reported.

What Can Victims of Identity Theft Do To Minimize Damage?

If you have been the victim of identity theft there are several things you can do to limit the damage done. The first thing you should do is contact one of the three credit reporting companies and tell them that your identity has been stolen. A fraud alert can be placed under your name and this will help prevent further unauthorized transactions. You should then review your credit report, which will be available for free for victims of identity theft. If you spot any unauthorized accounts in your report, contact those companies and tell them your identity has been compromised. File a complaint with the FTC by phone at 1-877-438-4338 or online at ftc.gov/complaint. Once you have completed your complaint and have an identity theft affidavit, take it to a police station and have a police report filed. The affidavit and police report together constitute a identity theft report which proves that you were a victim of identity theft. It can help you in settling debts and restoring your credit score.

Four Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Pheromone Spray

sexy couplePheromones can play an important role in attraction. Pheromones are naturally produced chemicals that are created when people sweat. The inability to produce enough human pheromones may make attracting a mate difficult. Pheromone sprays have long been touted as a way to improve the chances of finding you attractive. However, increasing the chances of finding a mate depends on using the sprays properly. Here are some tips for making pheromone sprays work for you.

Use the Spray on the Right Areas of the Body

Pheromones can be sprayed like you would spray perfume. Spray them on the warm areas of the body. These areas help to keep the pheromones active. Typical areas of the body that can be sprayed in include the wrists, neck, behind the ears, chest and throat. Women find greater success when they apply the spray to their thighs and ankles.

Spray Concentrated Formulas on Clothing to Diffuse the Scent

Spraying clothing helps to make the pheromone last longer. However, doing will dampen the scent. If you are spraying a light concentration on clothing, you will need to apply twice as much. A heavily concentrated formula is better suited for clothing as it will allow the right amount of pheromones to be detected by others.

Do Not Over-spray

Not producing enough pheromones can decrease your chances of attracting someone. However, too much pheromone can also repel a person. You should use one spray on the intended area. The top pheromones for men usually lasts for up to twelve hours. If you find that people are stating that you have a peculiar odor, you used too much. You may want to mix the pheromone with perfume or try spraying it onto your clothing. You may also consider trying a pheromone spray that works better with your body chemistry.

Moisturize Before Applying Pheromones

Keeping your skin moisturized is a good way to help the pheromone scent last longer. Ideally, you should use the spray after you shower or apply a moisturizer. Before spraying your skin, make sure the moisturizer is fully absorbed by the skin.

People have sworn by the effects of pheromone use for several years. While they will increase your chances of attracting someone, it is important that the sprays properly. These tips will help to ensure you get the best use out of your spray.

Get Out of Debt with Credit Repair Services

repair bad creditThose with poor credit scores often feel as if they are always struggling to get ahead. They cannot get approved for a home or auto loan so they do not know the concept of ownership. They also cannot get any type of credit card which is required for certain purchases where debit is not accepted. Of course, their stress levels tend to be elevated at all times as well as the calls from the bill collectors never seem to stop and the debt continues to grow. Many people know they can never make enough money to get out of debt so they continue to fall deeper and deeper into despair.

Learn About Damage Control & Credit Repair

There are many different ways that people fall into debt, but there are ways to start to get out of debt. By following basic credit repair guidelines you can start to get back on top of things. The best way to start is to order full credit reports from the three reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, and Transfax. These reports are made available to you for free once a year, but you can pay to purchase a report if you need an updated copy after viewing your report earlier in the year.   Sky Blue Credit is a company that can help you obtain these reports as well as help repair your credit.

Start With Manageable Amounts & Settlements

The next task you can take care of are any small amounts that are clinging to your credit report. Small amounts are easy to pay off and they look poorly on your credit report as they appear to be lazy missed payments. Pay off any small payment immediately and then ask the creditor to remove them from your credit report. With larger amounts you can start calling creditors and ask them what the payoff amount would be. Most are happy to accept some form of payment instead of nothing and will agree to settle a debt for 60% or sometimes even less. If they agree to a deal then you need to have this faxed to you in writing so that you can later appeal to the credit reporting agency to remove the negative item if the company fails to do so.

Seek Out Help

If you start to sift through your debt but still feel overwhelmed and like you will never get anywhere then it may be time to seek help from a professional credit repair company. These can be great assets, but not all credit repair companies are trustworthy so make sure to do your research first to make sure you choose the best company for your particular circumstance.