7 Facebook Marketing Tips For Shopify Store Owners


When it comes to retail businesses, Facebook can be a valuable tool when used effectively.  With organic reach on the decline, you may think Facebook is not the platform to focus on, but it is quite the opposite.

Below are tips on how to effectively use Facebook for your retail business.

1. Offer coupons

People love to save money and the business that is putting out coupons, discounts and promo codes is going to win.  Doing this will not only boost interest in your products but also build loyalty. Just like you should offer discounts and other promotional deals as an exit offer to get people to pull the trigger before abandoning your site, using a coupon code in a Facebook post is the way to go.  You just want to make sure to have different codes for every social platform you are promoting them.  This will help you keep track and see which are proving most effective.

2. Host a contest or giveaway

As much as everyone loves a discount, a freebie is retail nirvana.  You can run a contest or giveaway on Facebook to both existing and potential customers.  In an effort to increase the traffic to your store, you can set up some guidelines around your contest that require customers to come to the store to enter.  You can also announce the winner in store on a particular day and time.  If you are looking to increase your traction online, consider doing a Facebook contest.

 3. Host events

Hosting events is a great way to build that community feeling with your followers.   Put together an in-store party where you offer the guests an opportunity to shop at some point.  Create the event through your Facebook business page and include all the important details and don’t forget to include a link back to your store.

You can help generate buzz for your event by promoting it on all your social media channels and by engaging in conversations with those that have rsvp’d.  Even if you don’t see the big turn out right away, don’t give up.  As you continue to host events, people will see that you have a lot going on and their interest will grow.

You also do not have to host an event at your store, you can create a virtual event like a video chat.  Check out Facebook live and take viewers behind the scenes or give them a sneak peak of something exciting you have in the pipeline. Make the offer even sweeter by offering attendees a discount or free gift for attending.

4. Use facebook store

Retailers who sell products online should create a Facebook store. Consumers will be able to easily shop your products without having to go to your website.  It is as simple as uploading your photos and adding product info to the images.

5. Use Live chat

When it comes to customer service, if you are not using live chat, you are not working productivelyFacebook live chat can be added to your site so you can provide real time customer support and shoppers do not need to be on Facebook to interact with your Facebook page.  Whether you get a lot of engagement with it or not, live chat is important to have so that shoppers know they can easily get in touch with you and it also helps build trust with your brand.

6. Reward Loyal Customers

Give a shout out to your most frequent customers by featuring them in a Facebook post.  Be sure to tag them so they receive a notification. People are more likely to engage with and share content that they are featured in or if someone they know is being featured. Customers really enjoy discounts, also be sure to reward them with some exclusive perks not only online but via email marketing as well.

 7. Advertise on Facebook

Putting aside advertising dollars for your Facebook marketing is key.  If you expect to generate results organically, you won’t yield very good results.  With that being said, you do not have to have a big budget to advertise with Facebook.  Start out with just $10-$15 and it is all you need to help you gain some traction.

You may think you need to have some background in marketing to know what to do but Facebook advertising is designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of expertise.  They offer a bunch of ways to target your ideal audience and any data/feedback you get from your efforts will help you fine tune your marketing efforts moving forward.

final thoughts

When it comes to using Facebook for marketing, you need to commit and stick with it. The above tips will help you more effectively use this platform to help not only grow your business but enhance the relationships you have with your ongoing customers.


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