7 Tips For Boosting Your Social Media Performance


Social media marketing is continuously growing in popularity.  But as it continues to grow, it becomes more and more saturated.  In order for brands to be able to compete, you must stay in the know about social media trends and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Below are seven tips on how to give a boost to your social media performance.

Your main focus should be providing value

When it comes to social media, people will follow and listen to those that are offering something of value to them.  This can be in the form of providing expert recommendations on industry resources or intelligent commentary on the latest trends in your niche.  Your goal is to become the source to turn to for your industry.  Make certain that every post you make to your social media accounts is something of use and of value.  Then you want to monitor the type of feedback and engagement you receive that way you know to keep doing what is working best. In addition, it is essential that you are posting consistently as well.  Posting a few times one week and going silent the next will cause people to unfollow you.  One of the best things you can do to help you achieve consistency is to schedule out your posts to Instagram and other sites like Facebook and Twitter.  By doing this, you don’t have to be constantly thinking about what to post next or even forgetting to post.  Your productivity level will go up and you will have more time to dedicate to growing your brand. 

Start going visual

Social media is highly visual so using images along with your content is a smart idea.  Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are solely visual so it goes to show you how engaging images can be. Start adding visuals and you will definitely see a boost in your social media traffic.

Don’t forget to be social

Back in the day, keeping a strictly professional persona was how you managed a branded account.  Fast forward to today and things have completely changed.  Nowadays, people also want some sort of entertainment value.  You have to start putting the focus on engaging directly with your audience. Post things that are funny, respond to comments, be silly.  Whatever you need to do to connect with your followers on a personal level is key to building up your social media presence.

Know which platforms your target audience prefers

Every social media platform from Facebook to Instagram has certain demographics.  Facebook tends to cater to a somewhat older audience, Twitter is popular among all ages, Instagram is on the younger side, Pinterest is primarily females in their 20’s and 30’s and the famous Snapchat is huge among teenagers.  It is essential that you know the demographics of your target audience in order to determine the right platform and the right tone in which to address your followers.

Don’t forget about hashtags

Bottom line when it comes to hashtags is that they work if used properly.  A campaign centered around a great hashtag can bring any brand great rewards. Ritetag  is great for providing hashtag ideas for your social media updates, especially for Instagram and Twitter. It is also helpful in providing ideas for content and what topics to focus on. 

Keep up with your blog

Your blog is a very important piece of your social media marketing. It not only gives you free reign to come up with your own content but it is also a branded platform you can use to further catapult yourself. The key with your blog is to make sure you are integrating it with all your social media accounts.  This will help boost your traffic and posting content your audience finds value in will keep bringing them back to your blog. 

Focus on mobile

The internet has made the world a much smaller place. It has allowed us the ability to communicate with people from all over the world no matter how far.  With that being said, it is no longer necessary to focus on a global scale.  What is important is to make certain that you are focusing on the mobile side of things.  People need to be able to easily reach and communicate with your brand regardless of the type of device they are using.  As we move into 2018, this could not be more relevant. 



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