Productivity Tips For Becoming A Better Agent In 2019

Time management is tough to master for any professional.  As a real estate agent you are no doubt busy all the time but are you working as productively as possible?  Probably not.  Keep in mind that the top producers in your territory are not necessarily better than you, they just learned how to work smarter.

Here are 10 productivity tips to help you accomplish more each day.

1. Put together a to-do list for each day

Putting together a detailed list of all the things you want to accomplish on a given day is key to organizing and maximizing your time.  Once you complete a task, cross it off.  A sense of accomplishment will come over you and before you know it, it all becomes automatic.  If you don’t end up getting to something on your list that day, don’t stress.  Just add that item to your list for the next day.

2. Create blocks of time for specific tasks

Take your productivity to the next level by using time-blocking. When you use this method, you are looking at specific tasks like client meetings and phone calls.  If you know you have a meeting from 8am-9am, you would block out that hour on your calendar so you know it is not available.    By doing this, you know exactly what hours of the day you have to dedicate to other tasks.

3. Delegate tasks

Go through your daily tasks and see if any of it can be delegated.  Perhaps hiring a virtual assistant could take some of the load off or if you have an assistant in the office, even better.  Jot down on paper all the tasks you do throughout the day and choose ones you feel comfortable passing on to someone else to do.  Obviously things that would require your input are not a good fit nor anything that would require hands-on dealings with the client.

4. Stay away from multitasking

Being able to multitask as a mom gives you a point for the win, multitasking as a real estate agent..not so much.  Trying to do too many things at once typically ends up in you missing key things that could botch something important.

5. Use your drive time well

As a real estate agent, you spend tons of time in the car.  Use this extra time as best you can to boost  your productivity.  Real estate related Audio books are great in this case, thinking up any blog ideas or marketing ideas that you can dictate to your phone.  Basically things that don’t require your hands on the phone.  Never text and drive!

6. Limit your time on social media

Social media is great for keeping in touch but many times it is a time sucker.  People get sucked into Instagram or watching viral videos and before they know it..they have wasted a half hour.  Time is money. So the next time you are tempted to check Facebook, instead of scrolling, create a helpful post for your followers.  Productivity goes up and before you know it,your time spent putting out valuable info will turn you into a local housing market expert.

7. Do smaller TASKS TOGETHER 

Whether it’s scheduling meetings or coming up with your social media posts, try and set a block of time aside to do it all at once.  One thing you don’t want to do is over schedule, so you need to set an attainable goal.  By batching these smaller tasks together, you will be able to focus on more important tasks.   

8. OUTSOURCE tasks WHEN you can

There are so many tasks to do as a real estate agent and you can’t be an expert at them all.  This is where outsourcing comes in.  There are plenty of affordable ways to outsource tasks like social media management or administrative tasks.  There are also freelance photographers, graphic designers, videographers.  If there is something you are not great at and will take you more time than you have, consider hiring someone to do it for you.  Bonus tip:  When you get your photography done, don’t forget about using real estate email flyers to promote them.  There are tons of templates to choose from and once you are finished designing them, you can send them out straight away.  They are one of the most effective and easiest ways to get your marketing collateral in the hands of agents and prospective buyers.


You need to know how your efforts are working for you in order to know if you are working for yourself or against yourself.  Make sure you are keeping track of all your lead generation efforts.  This includes your cold calls, email marketing, social media marketing, open houses etc.  

Final thoughts

If you want to be successful as a real estate agent, you need to not only work hard but smart.  Your productivity is key in taking your real estate business to the next level.  The above tips will help get you on track to not only being more productive but boosting revenue too. 




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