Seven Effective Time Management Hacks For Team Leaders

We see it all the time with super successful people.  They seem to be able to do it all and with ease.  Do they have superpowers we don’t know about?  No, they don’t.  They have just mastered the art of time management.  Do you want to be able to accomplish more in your day?  Read on.

Here are seven time management hacks every team leader should know

1. Have a strong morning routine

How you start your day from the moment you open your eyes is key to how the rest of your day will unfold.  If you have done any research in the personal development field you will hear it over and over again.  Your morning routine matters and is super important to your success.

The right morning routine will vary for people but whatever yours looks like, it should be structured and of habit.  You will feel more focused and better able to achieve all the things you want to do.

2. Wake up Earlier

All successful people wake up before everyone else does.  That extra hour can do wonders for your day.  You can check emails, meditate, set your to do list etc.  Choose something to do during this time that will help set your day up for success.


3. Eliminate waste.

Time should be looked at like money.  It is a resource that will run out and needs to be conserved.  You have to be diligent about not wasting it. One of the best ways to do this is by looking at your time more strategically.  Like when you are in your car for instance.  If you love to read but can’t find the time.  Try an audiobook on your drive to work.

Then there is social media.  Talk about a time sucker.  If you find yourself popping on social media during your free moments you are wasting time.  If you were to add up all the small moments throughout the day they would add up to enough time you could have used to accomplish something more productive.

4. Put reminders everywhere

You need to have a list of what you want to accomplish each day.  Take it a step further and put up note cards in strategic places.  Whether it be on the bathroom mirror, in your car or in your office.  Now this doesn’t mean that you want to make this grandiose list of ten things.  Make sure your list is doable and if you can’t get to something, put it on the list for the next day.

5. Say goodbye to meetings

You may think that meetings are great for achieving productivity but they are actually the opposite.  They keep you from getting your work done.  If you must have them, only include those necessary and keep them as short as you can.

Eliminating so many meetings for status updates and upcoming projects may seem like your work world will fall apart but if you are using a team progress tracking software you will be able to get daily status updates so you always know what has been done, what is getting done and what will not be completed and why.  Using a software like this is essential to running your team effectively.

6. Set up times to check your email

Email can be like social media.  You always feel compelled to check it.  Make a point to check your email at intervals.  So this means when you get to work in the morning, at lunch and before the end of the day.  By doing this, you won’t feel like you are missing something.  You should also organize your inbox.  Keep folders and sub-folders so that your inbox doesn’t have hundreds of emails.

7. Don’t schedule every minute of the day

It may make sense to fill your calendar and all the hours with everything you want to do.  This is a mistake though.  It is not realistic to have every hour of the day  scheduled for something.  You want to leave open pockets of time so that if something arises, you feel you have the time to handle it.  Without open time, you will feel like you don’t have the time and that leads to a feeling of stress.

Final thoughts

With only so many hours in the day, it is essential that you are intentional with how you lay out your day.  Managing the time throughout your day will help you accomplish more and diminish the stress you feel about having to “get it all done”.  The above tips will help you think about how you structure your day and help you think of how you can better manage it and be more productive.

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