6 Ways To Boost Your Business’s Instagram Strategy


On average, 80 million plus photos make their way onto Instagram every day.  For this reason, it is key that your strategy is on point.  With the number of users increasing everyday and its high level of brand engagement (much higher than Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter combined) Instagram has really become one of the key platforms to be on for marketers across all industries.

Below are five tips on how to boost your business’s Instagram strategy.

1. Come up with a style for your feed

Instagram is completely visual so you want to begin by evaluating your imagery.  You should be creating consistency across everything from color to composition.  Whatever market your brand targets, the visual style of your feed is crucial in showing your brand’s story.

In order to ensure consistency you need to monitor the following:

  1. It is important to have a specific color palette in order to achieve consistency. Whether it is bold colors or more warm ones, come up with your own signature style.
  2. Prior to uploading a new image, think about the tie in it will have with the other ones you have posted already. You want to be able to preview your images before posting them so be sure to check out the many apps that can do this for you.  They will also allow you to put multiple pics in a grid so you can tell a story.
  3. Doing a series of photos is good for helping you establish some consistency on your feed by giving you a chance to tell a story through your images.

2. You need great photography

If you scroll through the feeds of some of the most popular Instagram accounts they all have one thing in common, great photography.   With so many photos being uploaded everyday, there is no room for lackluster photography.  Invest in a decent camera that will give you great quality photos.  Also give thought to doing a batch photo shoot where you take a bunch of images.  You may even take enough to fill your feed for a month.  By doing this, you can schedule your Instagram posts for the entire month in one shot.  It is also a great idea to sprinkle in some real-time photos too.

3. Come up with the right mix of content

In order to keep your followers interested and engaged be sure to mix up your content a bit.  This can be easily achieved by dividing up your content calendar into different groups with the end goal being a cohesive picture of your brand. Just make sure your schedule is consistent whether it’s posting once everyday or just during the week.

4. Use Hashtags correctly

When it comes to hashtags, it can be easy to overdo it and come off as spammy.  With that being said, it doesn’t mean you should be using fewer of them.  Hashtags help you find content that fits your interests and it is also the way other people find your content.  Instagram caps the number of hashtags you can use in a post at 30, but in many cases using ten does the job. At the end of the day, the right number for your business really comes down to your brand and who your target audience is.

When deciding which hashtags to use, you do need to be strategic. Popular hashtags can be a good idea but you also do not want to use ones that are too generic like a #tbt, which pulls up millions of images.  Yours would just get lost in the group. What you want to focus on are hashtags that are specific to your image. You will need to experiment with both unique and trending hashtags to find the right mix. Done right, hashtags will help you boost your number of followers, engagement and your overall relationship with your community.

5. Get involved with Branded Hashtags

The majority of the top companies are to thank for many of the most popular hashtags circling social media right now.  That number will continue to go up as more and more brands find their niche on the platform.  Branded hashtags are great for building a community for your fans and for both encouraging and centralizing user-generated content.

6. Go with a professional

Taking photos with the right amount of everything to make them pop is not easy.  If it is within your budget, it is well worth it to hire a social media manager who can provide you with great photography.  If you happen to have a marketing person already, consider outsourcing the photography alone.








An Introduction to the California Department of Motor Vehicles

dmvThe California Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV is responsible for the licensing of drivers in the state and also the registration of private and commercial vehicles. Here is some information to guide you. The DMV constantly strives to improve their processes and customer service. Some basic information is provided below and you can review more on their website at https://www.dmv.ca.gov. You can also download forms and handbooks from their website.

Driver’s Licensing

Provisional Permit A person of at least 15 ½ years of age but under 18 may apply for a provisional permit to learn to drive a vehicle. You will need to complete DL 44 to apply and go to the website and make an appointment at a Driver’s License Processing Center. Check your local offices to find one closest to you. You will have to pay a fee for this and you can find this information on their website. Be sure to download the Driver’s Handbook from the website. This is available in many languages.

You must provide proof of Driver’s training and pass a vehicle and written test before you will be granted a Class C license. Typically you will be required to renew your license on your birthday approximately every four years. You may or may not be required to retake a written test. Please refer to the FAQs for specific information.

If you have recently moved to California from another state or country you must apply for a California Driver’s license. Follow the normal licensing instructions.  If you’re a resident of Oakdale, California – you can access DMV services at AmericaSmog.com

ID Card Using the DL 44 Form you can also apply for a California ID Card. Please see the checklist for the documentation that will be needed and any fees that are required. Senior Citizens should also check to see if they are required to pay a fee for ID Cards if they are no longer driving.

Suspended Licenses

If your driver’s license is suspended or revoked for any reason you will have to pay a fee to have it restored and possibly go to court to have your driving privileges returned. In the case of receiving a DUI, the fees and or fines can be very expensive not to mention that your personal insurance will be affected. Please check the section on the website by typing “Suspended License” in the Search Box to see what applies to your situation. If you drive on a suspended license you can be subject to arrest and permanently losing you driving privileges. Please obey the law and protect yourself and others. Please do not drink and drive or text and drive.

If your license is suspended for health reasons a medical doctor is required by law to notify the DMV if someone is incapable of driving for a physical or mental condition. In this case the licensee will receive a letter from the DMV stating that their privileges have been suspended until such time that a medical evaluation shows that they are now recovered and capable of driving safely is received and approved. You may contact the Driver’s Safety Office and they will explain the process of having your license restored.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles driven in the state of California must be registered and yearly fees paid to operate them. Please refer to the Vehicle Registration section on the website for detailed information regarding your vehicle. Automobiles operated in the state must comply with emission standards required by state law. If you have moved here from another state in which your vehicle is registered please visit the Vehicle Registration tab on the website for more detailed information. All motor vehicle operators are required to have valid insurance for their vehicles and this information is provided by the insurance company you have signed up with. Please refer to the website for information about the requirements.


Standard Motorcycles operated on California Highways and streets are required to be registered. Off Street vehicles such as Trail Bikes do not need to be registered but must have a decal provided from the DMV. Again, please refer to the specific DMV guidelines to determine which requirements you must meet.

Commercial Vehicles

The DMV has special requirement for Commercial Vehicles. You must also have a DMV Commercial Driver’s License to operate one. Please look in the Driver’s Licensing section for the guidelines and requirements and fees associated with completing the licensing process.

The job of the California DMV is to protect and properly license all drivers and vehicles on our roadways. This is has been a basic introduction to the California DMV. Please visit their website listed below for more detailed information.